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Immersion Type - IMM

Available in 208-230/460V or 333/575V ▪ 3600 RPM Immersion pumps ▪ Approved by Electrical Safety Authority Single-Phase available at additional cost (made only on request with a typical lead time of 4-5 days)

Self Priming-Transfer Type - AU

These pumps are suitable for transferring liquids containing impurities, measuring up to 30 micron. The hydraulic components, namely the brass scroll, the botttom in cast iron and the aluminium pump body, allow the pumps to be used with emulsions, oily substances and liquids in general, as long as they are not oxidative for construction materials. Viscosity must not exceed 3 Engler (21 CST). AU pumps must be installed at the top of the tank and must be primed before use.

Side Mounted Type - SQ

SQ pumps are suitable to transfer liquids containing impurities measuring up to 2-3 mm.The hydraulic components, namely the impeller in nylon and the scroll in cast iron allow the pumps to be used with water, emulsions and oily substances in general, with a maximum viscosity of 3 Engler (21 CST) and a maximum temperature of 70º c.

These types of pumps are usually used on: Machine tools (milling machines - lathes) & Surface treatment systems (de-oilers)

They should be installed on the side of the tank to allow the liquid to enter straight into the suction opening.